Why We Do This Work

That’s why we spend just as much time on the strategy and pre-production as we do shooting and editing. 

Our science-backed method and process cut through the noise and help you tell stories that inspire ACTION.

As business owners we obsess about the products we sell, but we believe that our process is every bit as valuable as our product.

We're pretty sure our clients would agree with us.

If it doesn't pay for itself through new customer acquisition, it's not doing its job. 

We're here to make sure it does.

The Portfolio

Not Just Another Pretty Film


Effective filmmaking is about way more than just the visuals; it's about communication. The strategy, the intention, and knowing who you want to reach and what you want them to do.

Short Documentary Film for Emily Duncan

Fundraising Film for KIPP ENC

Brand Film for 
Fairview Garden Center

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Overall things were just so smooth and seamless. When they left I realized that I'd spent all of that time having FUN - which is not necessarily what you think of when you think of making a branding film. Will always, always, always recommend Big Dog Little Bed Productions. Always.

"I am impressed with the process, and unbelievably pleased with the final product."

- Carrie Richardson Fry


We’re here for ya! Big or small, all of our projects start the same way: with a free strategy session to help identify the best solution to your biggest struggles as a business — pups invited, obviously.

Ready to tell your stories?