What Our Clients Have to Say

Kind Words

While we can talk about our videos all day (and I must admit, we kinda like ’em), what matters most is what the stars of the show think. So here are some of their thoughts!

"If you need to tell your story as a business, you’ve got to talk to the team at BDLB.

I’m so grateful to have collaborated with BDLB on promotional films and social media films for my Durham branding agency. They have the hearts and minds of storytellers and know exactly how to craft compelling, natural and engaging films that convert ideal clients."

- Annie F.

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"We have been working with Big Dog Little Bed for several years to make instructional videos and the result has been just stellar.

- Susan C.

They are excellent communicators and storytellers, and are very accommodating. We look forward to many more years working with them!"

Working with BDLB is always a very smooth process from scheduling and filming to editing and production.

“Janice and her team are a true pleasure to work with.

- Kate Bryan

Highly, highly recommend this company for any video needs you may have!”

They are creative professionals who listen to what your goals are, chime in with helpful advice when it's needed, and
deliver assets on time. 

- Liesel Teen

“The Big Dog Little Bed Productions team is absolutely amazing! We worked on a HUGE project with them, and they were so diligent every step of the way, and so detail-oriented!

From the shoot to the final edits, I can't say how incredibly happy we were with the entire process! We 100% recommend!”

Working with BDLB was *seamless*. Janice and her team were terrific communicators, very up-front with limitations so we could plan around them, met or offered solid options on deadlines and budgets (essential for a nonprofit), and set up systems to make our work as easy as possible. They also brought creative ideas and good energy to every meeting or other interaction -

making the work as joyful as it was effective and efficient.” 

- Alesha Daughtrey

We had never worked with a video producer in this capacity before and were blown away at the attention to detail and professionalism of the entire team.

Janice closely listened to what we wanted and executed our vision perfectly. We are so proud of the end result and had a positive ROI within weeks of our new courses being launched!”

- Tiffany Tippin

“I cannot recommend Big Dog Little Bed enough!
I worked with them throughout 2021 to reshoot several course films for my small business, Mommy Labor Nurse. 

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- Mercury Studio

It was so neat to see our work through the eyes of someone else. From the initial meeting, to the filming, to the end product they were a joy to work with and I couldn’t recommend them enough if you’re looking to give your business a special edge. We work in coworking, which can be a difficult business to market, but with our new video, we’re confident that visitors to our website know exactly what it is we have to offer.

"It was obviously very important to them to capture what it is that makes our business special, and they did just that."

I knew I could trust BDLB with telling this story from start to finish. I loved that I didn’t have to be involved in their part of the project at all, and that I could simply wait for it to be done."

- Jill Samter Photography

"Their passion to give it their all - I appreciated how they opened up their heart to this project, and I appreciate how easy it was to work together.

"The Big Dog Little Bed Production team is incredible. I worked with Janice on a series of school videos and she was so easy to work with.

She also completely understood what the key messages needed to be in the video — great to work with someone who “gets” the education space. The entire experience — from planning, to creating, to providing feedback on the final videos — was so seamless."

- Emily Liebtag

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