At Home Videos: What You Need To Get Started

Even though I’m a professional videographer, as a business owner who sometimes works from a home studio, professional grade equipment is not always what you need to produce high quality content for your business.  Today I’m going to walk through the basic equipment needed for high quality DIY At-Home Video Creation.

To start, let me just say, the cameras and mics on today’s phones are pretty great, so you can likely set up basic filming for something like your instastory without any of these- but if you’re looking at creating more consistent & high quality social media videos, or building a YouTube channel, it’s probably gonna be helpful to have a couple tools to help you along the way. So if you’re willing to spend a little cash to take your DIY video game to the next level, these are the three items we’d most highly recommend: 

  • A handy-dandy mini-tripod. Windowsills can be a great stand in if you don’t have the budget, but having a tripod gives you a lot more flexibility in how you want to compose your shot.
  • The second item I’d recommend is a good external microphone. While the mics on our phones work for basic video, they’re really only designed to pick up room audio and aren’t targeted in the way a shotgun or lavalier mic is. And while your average viewer probably couldn’t articulate all the differences between a beginner cell phone video and a higher quality version, it almost always comes down to audio. You can find a bunch of different models of entry level mics on Amazon, but in THIS video we review our top three options that are all less than $100. 
  • The final DIY accessory to incorporate in your at-home video set-up is a light. While you can certainly take advantage of light you have at your house, there are several reasons why having a separate light specifically for videos can up the quality and make the end product look a little less… homemade. We talk through several options in our video on lighting, as well as show some examples of how lighting can impact quality. In terms of affordable options you’ll find everything from a clip-on LED light that runs you about $7 to a full scale LED ring light and stand that’ll end right around $100. Which one you pick will depend on the factors that are most important to you. 

So in conclusion, shooting at home IS possible with only basic entry level equipment and a cell phone. no matter what type of business you run, video is a proven way to better market yourself to your ideal client.