COVID-19 #porchportraits

Photographers across the country started doing something called ‘Porch Portraits’ almost as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began and people were asked to stay at home. They would drive around to their clients homes and make portraits of them from their car or sidewalk using a zoom lens. It was a way to stay creative behind a camera, and capture their people. Plus, many did this for donations to organizations supporting relief efforts in their community.
Lucky for me, I live in an intentional co-housing community here in Hillsborough where the furthest house away is about 500 yards from my front door. So this weekend we captured #porchportraits for 20 different families (all while masked and an appropriate distance away), to raise money for @studentudurham. Over at @studentudurham they are collecting laptops and WiFi to better support their students and families so they can continue learning while at home. This extrovert found so much joy in this project and boy did I love getting to be behind the lens again 📷❤️

Amidst this quarantine, projects like this and opportunities to creatively play have given me life, and this one has perhaps been the highlight so far. Excited to share some of what we captured with you here ❤️