At Home Videos: AUDIO

So you’ve started filming your own content at home and are now looking to up your game. In our opinion, audio is THE most important place to invest your time and money, and in this video we’ll not only talk about why, but also share our favorite three options for the small budget beginner. 

We’re gonna talk about three kinds of audio you can use when making your own video content at home. 

First, let’s talk about the built-in microphone on your cell phone. Unlike the camera quality of the most recent cell phones, audio has not advanced at the same speed. So while you can certainly use it, it’s going to give your videos the feel of being home made. 

The quickest way to level up is by using an external microphone.

The first type is a lavalier mic. Lavalier mics clip on your shirt or collar, and then a cord runs straight into your camera or phone. The professional quality lav mics have a receiver so you’re not connected, but the entry level models are super simple and just connect via a cord. 

In our research we found two entry level mics that we think are a great place to start. The first is the Purple Panda, coming in at only $39.99! What you’re hearing right now is the PURPLE PANDA. 

A couple things I like about this one- it can plug into most cell phones, though for the newer iphones you will need a little adaptor thingy to convert it. It also comes with a fuzzy windscreen in case you’re filming outside, and my personal favorite is this extension cable. If you’ve gotta be plugged into your camera while filming, I like that this one gives you a little more space. 

The next option is the Rode Smart Lav+.

Rode is one of the most famous audio companies out there, and we actually use a Rode shotgun mic for our professional shoots. This lavalier mic is their very basic, entry level lav, coming in at $67. It’s similar to the Purple Panda is most functional ways, but it’s worth noting that it does NOT come with an extension cable. I’m confident you can probably buy one, but I kinda like that the Purple Panda comes with it already. 

And our last option is an external microphone, and actually sits on a desk or tapletop. The version we like best is the Yeti Blue.

In my opinion, this one definitively produces the best audio, but there are some trade-offs. To start with, this mic runs you at about $102, so it’s definitely the most expensive. It also connects to your computer using a USB cable, so will NOT plug in directly to your camera and phone. Practically what this means is that you’ll be left with two files that will need to be synced together using editing software- one file will be the video with built-in audio, and one will be an audio file with just the sound. Once you sync them you’re good to go, but it does create an additional step.

The other trade-off is that this one does need to sit on a table or desk. So depending on where or how you’d prefer to film your content, this option is going to limit that to only places where you are sitting. For podcasters or online workshops or calls, it’s great. For video content you’re filming while walking or moving, not as great.

So again all of these microphone options have their pros/cons, it just depends on your priorities and use case. However, each microphone is guaranteed to provide you professional level audio that is sure to maximize the quality of all your DIY videos.