Video Content Marketing: What It Is & Where To Start

There are lots of ways to use video in your marketing, as we talked about in THIS video, but my personal favorite has to be content marketing. This video will help you understand why, and begin to think how you can use this type of video content in your online marketing. 

What it is

The beautiful thing about content marketing is that it’s not about explicitly SELLING anything, it’s about providing valuable content that helps solve your clients’ problems. It’s the kind of content that you watch because it provides you with immediate value, not because it tells a good story, or is catchy advertising. 

Here’s an example from my life:

I follow two interior designers on Instagram who do a great job with this, and all they use is Instastory. They travel to different thrift stores, flea markets, you name it, and spot good finds and talk to their viewers about how they would use them. 

If you’re local, you can always head to that location and actually purchase the items which could be awesome. But bigger picture, it teaches their viewers and followers about design, how to find value in used items, and ways to tweak, paint, etc. to bring them back to life. Personally, as someone who’s always thinking about how to do this in my own house, I LOVE this content it keeps me watching simply because it’s useful and immediately applicable to my life and interests. 

And while they’re never telling me in these stories to hire them, they ARE doing two things: 

The first thing they’re doing is staying top of mind. The more often I watch their stories, the earlier and more often they show up in my feed, which means I’m thinking about them and their business more often. If I eventually need an interior designer, or a friend says they need one, it’s going to be quick and easy for me to recommend them. 

The second thing they’re doing is establishing credibility, and making me view them as an expert in their field. They sharing their knowledge in a way that helps, which is going to make me more apt to turn to them when I get to design challenges in my own home that I can’t handle myself. It also allows them to charge more. The more you’re viewed as an expert in your field, the more people will expect that they’ll be paying a premium for your work. 

Common Fears

Okay, now I’m going to address one of the biggest concerns I hear from people when I explain what video content marketing is… but why would I give away all my knowledge for free??? Won’t that impact my business model and take business away from me????

Understanding why this isn’t true is gonna go back to what we talked about in THIS video where we discussed Brand Identity and Ideal Clients. The first step is understanding the value you provide in the work you do, and who you are providing that for. What do you want people to be HIRING you for? Like work that they would actually pay you to do. It’s important you don’t give that away for free, but video content marketing should keep them paying attention to you until they do need to hire you for THAT THING. 

For example, these videos, right here, are content marketing for us, and while we like to think we’re providing valuable tips on the strategy side of video production, what we do as a company, and what our clients pays us for, is to actually create effective marketing video.

We want our blog posts and videos on YouTube to be helpful to you in the long run while thinking about video and online marketing, and even equip you in creating very basic marketing films for yourself, so that we can spend our energy on the harder, more creatively energizing videos that will produce an even larger impact on your businesses growth. 

For the example I mentioned earlier, their hope is that by providing some quick and easy design tips, they’re creating a following of viewers who care about design. And my guess is, people who don’t care about design are never going to pay an interior designer to work on their house. 

But those who DO care about design are going to take their short videos and quick tips to do small projects in their house, but because they care about design they’re likely to invest at some point in an interior designer to help with bigger projects. And you know exactly who they’re gonna call when that time comes. 

Who I Would Recommend This For

My last tip when it comes to video content marketing is that is has to be consistent. Content is King, but consistency is Queen. If you have great content, but only put it out once a month, it is likely not going to have the impact you want it to have. BUT, if you have great content and you’re putting it out on a regular basis, this is how you will see the impact you’re hoping for. 

SO, in conclusion, here are three businesses I would MOST recommend video content marketing for: 

  • Businesses who have some past experience with video, and are ready to commit the time to creating consistent content. 
  • Businesses who have been around for more than 2 years. Creating good, consistent content you need to have a clear idea of your brand identity and ideal client, and the problems that you can most help them address with video content. This can be harder to do at the very beginning, but once you’re a couple years in all it takes is some time to put those thougths on paper- you likely already have the knowledge of your target market to do this. 
  • Businesses who are looking to take it to the next level. While video content marketing doesn’t always provide the immediate bump in sales because it’s not explicitly selling you or your business, it will increase your visibility and establish credibilty. These two things will help keep you top of mind for more people, leading to more referrals and future business, and allow you to charge more. Plus, there’s always the possibility of creating a YouTube channel that you can monetize, or additional revenue streams in online courses, coaching, workshops and more.  

Stay tuned for a future blog/video where we’re going to dig more into the actual implementation of video content marketing. We’ll explore the different options, from Instastory to a YouTube channel, and help you figure out the best places to start.