Prepping For Your Instabrand!

Instabrand Films are our favorite way to create quick, easy and affordable brand films for new and/or small businesses. You can find out more details about there HERE, but I’m guessing if you’re reading this it’s because you’ve already booked one and are getting ready to prepare for it! Hopefully the details below will get you all set to kill it on shoot day 👍🏻

Shoot Logistics

Every Instabrand shoot includes the following:

  • 2 hours of shooting (in one location)
  • One interview, up to 30 minutes in length
  • 1.5 hours of shooting visuals to accompany the interview.

Instabrand Questionnaire

To make the prep process as efficient as possible, we’ve created an Instabrand Questionnaire form online that will provide us with more details about your business,  your brand, and how you plan to use your Instabrand Film. Please fill that out as soon as you’ve booked to give us as much time as possible to prepare. You can find the Questionnaire HERE.

Interview Prep

This part of the Instabrand shoot requires no prep on your part! Once you’ve filled out the Instabrand Questionnaire we sent you, we’ll have all the info we need to draft interview questions. We won’t be sharing these with you ahead of time, because our priority is always capturing genuine, unscripted audio content about your business. We’ve found in the past when people see the questions ahead of time they tend to over prepare, bring notes, rehearse…  you get the idea. I have never, not even once, seen this work out well. But when we ask questions targeting the core of your business? This is where the real gold comes from. And thanks to the power of editing, there’s no pressure to say the perfect thing in the perfect way- you can answer as many times as you’d like and we’ll then clean it all up and pick out the best parts for your film.

What to Wear

The #1 thing I tell people when it comes to what to wear is wear what makes you feel GOOD. You want to feel confident the day of your shoot, and wearing your favorite outfit can definitely help. That said, there are a couple things we typically recommend avoiding…

  • BRIGHT COLORS (think yellows, oranges, reds, greens). These can actually throw off weird tints and sometimes impact the white balance on the camera. Neutrals or pastels are usually a pretty safe bet 👍🏻
  • TURTLENECKS. We’ll need to clip the lavalier mic on you before we start, and turtlenecks can be pretty tricky.
  • LOW CUT TOPS. Depending on the camera angle you might not end up liking the way this appears on camera.
  • BIG JEWERLY. We’ve found these can sometimes end up hitting the mic or make a jingling sound throughout the interview. It’s usually safer to stick with smaller and/or quiet jewelry.

Visuals and Models

In order to keep the Instabrand as affordable as it is, we don’t do any prep before the shoot when it comes to models and/or visuals, so this will be something you need to plan. Make sure you’ve coordinated with models on timing, and have all locations/props ready when we arrive. This allows us to spend our time shooting rather than planning/organizing, and we can leave with as much usual footage as possible. When planning these, here are a couple things that might help.

BRAINSTORM VISUALS. Think about the important parts of your business you would want potential clients to SEE. Of course you’ll be talking about your business, who you are and what you believe in your interview, but how can you bring this to life with what they see? Create a list of the kinds of client interactions you might like them to see, what your ideal client experience looks/feels like and plan around these.

CHOOSE LOCATION. Next, you want to pick the perfect location to film in. Since we only shoot in one spot you’ll want to think about:

  • Is there a quiet, well-lit room (we also bring lights, so this is a nice-to-have, not must-have) where we can interview you?
  • Are there other spaces where we can set up client interactions?
  • Is there space outside that could also be utilized if needed?

If you don’t currently have access to a space that fits the criteria, stark asking around. We’ve had clients in the past rent AirBNB’s (sometimes if you only need it for an hour rather than a night you can reach out to the host for a revised rate), and have seen lots of other creative solutions to this.

FIND MODELS. Make sure when looking for models to stand in as clients you are thinking about showcasing who you most like to work with, and represent the diversity of clients that you serve. Obviously when asking for favors it isn’t always possible to meet all criteria, but it helps to be thinking about these things ahead of time. If you’re not paying your models, think about a nice thank-you gift you could bring for their time.

MAKE A SCHEDULE. This will help you know what the shoot will look like, the times you’ll need extra models or help (depending on the shoot), how we’ll fit everything in, and where you might want to have several outfits planned. Here’s an example from a past shoot we did for a business consultant:

9:00-9:30- Interview w/ client (Outfit #1)

9:30-9:35- Client changes to Outfit #2

9:35-9:50- ‘Client Meeting’ w/ Model #1 (woman) in back room at a table.

9:50-9:55- Client changes to Outfit #3

9:55-10:10- ‘Client Meeting’ w/ Models #2 & #3 (two men) in spare office. Will also be presenting at white board, in addition to meeting at the table.

10:10-10:15- Client changes to Outfit #4

10:15-10:25- Capture visuals of client meeting with Model #4 via Skype.

10:25-10:45- Capture visuals of client working at computer, going through books/resources, writing and preparing for a presentation.

10:45-11:00- Wrap the shoot with any remaining visuals of things like their office, props that are on brand, books, materials, etc.

11:00- Wrap and pack up equipment


That’s it! Hope this helps, and can’t wait to see you on shoot day 😁👍🏻