Home Makeover With Spruce Creative

This spring I was lucky enough to meet Jourdan of Spruce Creative Studio when she hired BDLB to make an Instabrand for her website. In the process I fell in love with her approach to design… how could I not love a designer who grounds herself in story, and finding ways to integrate stories into the homes she’s designing for clients?! And considering I was about to move into a brand new house, with a lot less personality than my current house, I decided I needed her help in making it home. We made videos along the way documenting the experience and transformation, and I’m pretty pumped for you to see not only the magic she worked on my house, but also a little glimpse behind-the-scenes of how she approaches her work.


VIDEO 1: Client Discovery

VIDEO 2: The Mood Board

VIDEO 3: Shopping

VIDEO 4: Final Transformation