Sharing Your Films: Facebook

So you’ve just received your films… what now??? This blog post is all about helping you take your new films (brand and/or social media films) and sharing them with the world!

Facebook, like many social media platforms, likes people to exclusively use what they’ve created. While you can share your films using a link from another platform like Vimeo or YouTube (this option is definitely easier) Facebook will punish you by requiring viewers to click the link and then navigating them to a different page. Plus, this will also impact the algorithm and the likelihood the people will see your post.

So for businesses, I also recommend uploading your film directly to Facebook. The directions below will help make this a bit easier!

STEP 1: Make sure you have access to the original file. 

We share our films with clients through both a Vimeo link as well as a link to their folder on Dropbox, which contains the original file. You can download from there in order to upload to Facebook. Once you have the original file located in a file on your computer, you can proceed!

STEP 2: Upload video file

When you’re on your home page on Facebook, you’ll select the ‘Photo/Video’ at the bottom of the text box.

Then select ‘Upload Video’, and find your video file wherever you’ve stored it and begin upload.

STEP 3: Add video details

Depending on internet speed the upload can take a while, but while it’s uploading you can begin to add your video details. These details, such as Title, Description and Tags all tell viewers what it’s about, and help it to show up in searches. You can also create playlists on Facebook (this is especially helpful for those who are adding lots of videos over time), and you can select the appropriate playlist here.

STEP 4: Select Thumbnail

The thumbnail image is what will appear as a static image when people are scrolling through Facebook. Facebook will auto-generate options for this, but you can also upload a photo or any other image you want there. If you don’t want to use one they’ve suggested, just click ‘Custom Image’ and upload from your computer.

STEP 5: Add subtitles/captions

Next, you have the option of adding subtitles/captions. This is especially helpful because lots of people scroll Facebook on their phones while in public spaces, and will only watch with the sound of. This option allows it to be viewed by more people. I haven’t done this a ton, so I’m not sure how accurate their auto-generated subtitles are, but if you have the time and a desire for accuracy you can also add your own.

STEP 6: Publish

Now in order to publish you have to select exactly where you want it to be published and when. This next page will give you a variety of options, and as soon as you select your preferences you’re finished and ready to share with the world!