Case Study: Fairview Garden Center

End Products: 3-5 minute Brand Story Film* and Instructional Videos for Content Marketing**


What made this project special/unique

Fairview Garden Center has the most heartfelt story behind their store, and I loved getting to know the main characters. I won’t give away all the details (you’ll have to watch the film to see for yourself), but anytime a business has a good story that we can help bring to life through video, we’re in our happy place. Because at the end of the day, marketing films are infinitely more compelling when they’re telling a story behind your business, rather than just outright marketing what you do, why people love you, and why others should come spend money there.


In addition, we LOVED venturing into the world of Video Content Marketing for the first time when working with them. In addition to their Brand Story Film, we helped them create useful, informative content for their email newsletters and social media. This included container garden recipes, tips for different kinds of pruning, and planting in clay soil. Again, rather than straightforward marketing you’re creating and distributing content that’s genuinely useful to your current and potential customers. In this case, as a gardening center it made sense to create films that would help support homeowners with some of their most basic questions. We’re including two examples below for you to take a look at the kind of content they’re putting out for their customers and anyone else its helpful for!


Brand Story Film

Planting in Clay


Container Garden Recipe

*Brand Story Films are 2-3 minutes in length, include up to four interviews (with the main character as well as supporting characters), and an additional half day shoot to capture visuals. The goal of a Brand Story Film is to tell one story of your business in a compelling way that will connect with your ideal clients and inspire them to action.


**Video Content Marketing is providing video content that is useful to your ideal clients and gives them reasons to connect regularly with your business and your brand. It isn’t about explicitly marketing your business so much as it’s about providing resources that help your clients do things in their everyday life, which may or may not require them to shop at your business J