The Art of Going Viral

By: Tyler Schwartz

The concept of “going viral” is nothing new. Ever since Charlie bit a finger and a man saw god through Double Rainbows, the world has accepted viral celebrities into the pop culture melting pot. However, we’ve never seen a video evolve from viral to full fledged phenomenon as fast as Shiggy’s “In My Feelings” dance.

For those somehow still uninformed the story goes like this…

On June 29th, Shiggy, a mildly popular comedian/Instagram personality, posted a video of himself gleefully dancing to Drake’s new song “In My Feelings”. Up to that point the song was just a lowly B-Side on his recent overlong album Scorpion. The song was a fun jam, but one with not nearly as much publicity and success as the previous singles “God’s Plan” and “Nice For What”. The beauty of Shiggy’s Instagram video was its sheer simplicity. It’s simply him on the sidewalk, just a young man dancing in his feelings if you will.

However what started as a goofy video transformed into a worldwide sensation. Celebrities like Odell Beckham and DJ Khaled made videos of themselves mimicking Shiggy’s dance and challenged others to #DoTheShiggy. Then the rest of the world caught on, streams of people posting themselves doing the #InMyFeelingsChallenge. Drake soon had another #1 Billboard hit without ever promoting the song himself. Drake rewarded Shiggy for this unexpected success by prominently featuring him in the recently released music video for “In My Feelings”.

So once again to recap… June 29th Shiggy posted the original Instagram of him dancing and by August 2nd he had appeared in the music video for the song he was dancing to. No statement may ever more accurately describe the state of pop culture in 2018.


Even BDLB caught the Shiggy fever. Check out these two #InMyFeelingsChallenges produced by BDLB for local charter schools Healthy Start Academy and Maureen Joy Charter School.