Artist Soapbox Podcast

Last month I got to sit down with Tamara Kissane from The Artist Soapbox. She is the host of this Durham-based podcast featuring creative entrepreneurs, and their perspective on what it’s like to turn a passion into a full-time gig. I LOVED the chance to sit down with her and talk bigger picture about some of the things that are on our minds daily here at Big Dog Little Bed, and excited to finally share it 🙂  You can find it HERE, or by subscribing to Artist Soapbox using the Apple Podcast app.

Some things we covered…

[1:05] What is the line between narcissism and documenting our stories?

[6:14] Bringing the dream from hobby to full-time. The steps to launching a creative and product based business.

[13:30] Product, process and point of view. Why we often skip the last one, but how it can be game-changing for our businesses.

[19:42] Observations on gender in both filmmaking and entrepreneurship.

[26:44] Maintaining a creative spark in the midst of a growing business.

[31:15] Brand Story Films: What are those? Why are they valuable?

[34:03] Grappling with the question of how we create films that inspire us creatively and are also good for the world.