Writing Personal Letters: Our Point of View

Two months before a wedding we like to sit down with our couples (ideally over a local beer with atleast one dog) and talk through the schedule of the day. For the most part as videographers we’re simply there to document what happens as it happens. We don’t do much (or any) directing aside from possibly cleaning up the background of a shot or moving closer to good light. Aside from that we’re there as observers and documentarians, not movie producers.


That said, there are a couple parts of the day where we can be a bit more involved, and one of them is when you exchange gifts and/or letters.  Many couples opt to exchange these gifts before they see each other, and one option is to read the letters out loud, on camera. This is a completely personal decision, but today we’d like to share three reasons why we love it when couples choose to do this.  Followed, of course, by one of our very favorite films where you can see the outcome.


  • Our #1 goal of every film is to tell your story. We do this by driving every wedding film with great audio from the day. The officiant during your ceremony, the toasts at your reception… all are great ways to tell your story, but none are actually coming from you. Reading your letters out loud is a way to help tell your own story, in your voices.  While friends, family and officiants know a lot about you as individuals, and as a couple, they are still outside observers. We often find these letters are such a personal way to get a glimpse into the history of your relationship.


  • You’ll get to keep the full version. Even if we don’t use all the audio from the letters in the film, we always deliver the full versions on your final flash drive. While you might one day misplace the actual cards, this allows you to always hold on to the content. The family historian in me can’t resist this one.


  • It’s okay if you cry. Some people are hesitant to read them out loud because they’re worried they’ll cry. We’re here to tell you that crying on camera is 100% okay. Weddings are supposed to be emotional!  Showing emotion is totally normal, common and probably a good sign about the decision you’re making.


Now, here’s one of our favorite films from 2016, where the couple read their letters out loud while getting ready. We loved this wedding, and film, so much because of the beautiful story of these two and their families.  While their ceremony and toasts also did an incredible job of incorporating that story, there was nothing quite like hearing it from the two of them.