While we can talk about our videos all day (and I must admit, we kinda like ’em), what matters most is what the stars of the show think. So here are some of their thoughts!

Annie F.


If you need to tell your story as a business, you’ve got to talk to Janice and the team at BDLB. I’m so grateful to have met Janice in 2016 and to have collaborated with her on promotional films and social media films for my Durham branding agency. Janice has the heart and mind of a storyteller and knows exactly how to craft compelling, natural and engaging films that convert ideal clients. One of the greatest investments I’ve ever made in my business and one of my favorite companies to recommend to my clients and anyone looking for “wow” videos!

Ashley & Tina

My wife and I met Janice 2 years prior to our wedding and she was a JOY to work with throughout the whole process. We went back and forth on whether we needed a videographer and I promise you, it was the best decision I made outside of marrying my wife, hehehe. The video quality is amazing and something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. They truly captured our big day in a way I never expected. On top of that, they have offered additional services since the wedding that we have used and/or planning on using in the future. Our DVDs arrived QUICKLY, they posted our videos on social media for our friends to share and even recorded and share our WHOLE wedding ceremony for us. It was BEAUTIFUL. I seriously could not have asked for a better experience. I will recommend them over anyone, any day to every person who asks me. It was worth every penny! Love Janice, love Big Dog Little Bed Productions. You would be silly to choose anyone else! 

Susan C.


We have been working with BDLB for several years to make instructional videos and the result has been just stellar. Working with Janice is always a very smooth process from scheduling and filming to editing and production. She is an excellent communicator and storyteller and is very accommodating. We look forward to many more years working with them!

Andrew S.



Janice and her team did a fabulous job throughout the process. We have used BDLB for three consecutive projects to promote our school of choice. Janice has a talent for capturing the narrative that can’t be captured in other marketing strategies.


Missy F.


Janice and the rest of her team were a dream to work with! They were patient, productive and everything I was hoping for when searching for a videographer to help with video content for our website!

Heather A.


Janice put together a beautiful video time capsule of my in-laws’ love story in celebration of their 50th anniversary. She managed to flawlessly weave video footage of their anniversary party with interview footage she’d shot with my in-laws and all four of their adult children. The end result was a beautiful journey through 50 years of marriage (and a high school courtship!) that moved every single person in our family to tears. You never know how much time you’ll have on this earth, so to be able to leave the legacy of your story to your children and grandchildren is truly a priceless gift. Our family can’t thank Janice and her team enough for it.

Anna & Cory


BDLB Productions is absolutely amazing!!!! Janice gave us an incredible way to look back on the most special memories from our wedding day. She captured the most precious moments and put them together in such a unique and meaningful way. My husband and I could not be more pleased with how the video came out. We watch it all the time and I still get tears in my eyes. The music, the clips…everything about the video is flawless. Finally, words to describe BDLB: trustworthy, professional, well-managed, organized, timely, high-quality, INCREDIBLE! I could go on and on. I would HIGHLY recommend BDLB! Thank you!!!!

Getting Smart

Emily Liebtag


The Big Dog Little Bed Production team is incredible. I worked with Janice on a series of school videos and she was so easy to work with. She let me know what she needed and then ran with the project! She also completely understood what the key messages that needed to be in  the video — great to work with someone who “gets” the education space. The entire experience — from planning, to creating, to providing feedback on the final videos — was so seamless. And the final product? SO SO good.


Carrie Richardson Fry


My experience with Big Dog Little Bed Products was for my Instabrand video — and let me tell you what, it was a TREAT! It was clear that they came well prepared for everything — for whatever the lighting situation was, but also for the interview itself. I was a little nervous about the questions would be — but they came prepared with a few examples of my prints to get my thoughts flowing (for questions that involved certain categories of art prints) and overall things were just so smooth and seamless. When they left I realized that I’d spent all of that time having FUN. I am impressed with the process, unbelievable pleased with the final product and will always, always, always recommend Big Dog Little Bed Productions. Always.

Kait & Jay

Janice and her team with BDLB were incredible. From the very beginning you can tell that Janice has a passion for this. On the big day her team captured what felt like every single detail… WITHOUT feeling like they were in the way. I barely even noticed that they were there! Brides, if you are anything like me, you remember going to weddings when you were younger while some older gentleman walked around with a 75 lb camera on his shoulder asking everyone if they had “any advice for the happy couple?” … This is NOT that. Their team is so talented, they made our day into a movie that we can relive and replay over and over again. Not only for us but for our family. Without a doubt, hands down, hiring Big Dog Little Bed was the best decision we made for the entire wedding. So many details go in one day. One. Do yourself a favor and capture it permanently.

Mercury Studio

Love these guys! They made us our first ever promotional video and we couldn’t be more happy. It was obviously very important to Janice to capture what it is that makes our business special and she did just that. It was so neat to see our work through the eyes of someone else. From the initial meeting, to the filming, to the end product, Janice was a joy to work with and I couldn’t recommend her enough if you’re looking to give your business a special edge. We work in coworking, which can be a difficult business to market, but with our new video, we’re confident that visitors to our website know exactly what it is we have to offer.

Christine & Laz

I’m not the most decisive person, and throughout the course of our wedding planning process there were lots of details that changed multiple times: venue, band or dj, flowers etc. However, the one thing that never changed was the fact that I wanted BDLB as our story teller. She has a special gift, she has the ability to take people you don’t even know and connect you to them in a span of three minutes to the point where you find yourself crying at the end of their wedding video. That gift is also very evident in the video she makes of your special day. Having just gotten our video about a week ago, my husband and I have already watched it at least 50 times…catching a new detail each time:) Everyone we share our video with is blown away and many brought to tears. The other thing my husband and I loved about Janice is how kind and friendly she is; unlike many others in the industry you aren’t just a number with Janice. Do yourself a favor and hire Janice to capture your special day! You won’t regret it!!!!!

Lori & Jared


The needs of brides and grooms are shifting – and while photography will always be an essential part of any wedding day, we can say, our finished product from Big Dog Little Bed holds just as much importance as the still images of our big day. From the carefully-selected clips to the perfect musical accompaniments, Janice Smith not only captured our perfect day – she preserved it for years to come, allowing us to reflect back days, weeks, months, years and decades from now with smiles and tears of happiness. When you can watch a series of videos for the tenth time and still smile, you know a videographer took the time to understand you as a couple, understand the people around you and embrace the connection between the two. I would (will) recommend Big Dog Little Big to anyone and everyone. You rocked the house down.

Jill Samter Photography

I wanted to thank you for blessing me and this project from our very first email.  Your attention to detail was evident from the start.  Your passion to give it your all- not just behind the scenes stuff, but how you couldn’t wait to get started once we first chatted.  I appreciate your care for my project, and how you kept it a ‘secret’ until the promo video was complete.  I appreciated how you opened up your heart to this project and couldn’t wait to share it with your friends and family too!  I appreciate how easy it was to work together and that I knew I could trust you with telling this story from start to finish.  I loved that I didn’t have to be involved in your part of the project at all, and that I could simply wait for it to be done 😀 You are a joy to work with, and you produce such exquisite work!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did to bring my dream and passion into a reality!  If you are looking for a videographer, then you have come to the right person!

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