Virtual Video Production

The era of COVID-19 has changed a lot, both about our every day lives (no Tuesday night wings at the Wooden Nickel?!?!), but also about the way we operate as businesses. For us here at BDLB , it means all in-person shoots we had scheduled are now postponed indefinitely.

It also means many of our clients are relying on online more than ever- whether that’s brand marketing to keep them top of mind for when this is all over, to course and training materials to replace in-person work they can no longer do.

Whatever the needs are, we’re actively trying to figure out the best ways to serve our people, and we think we’ve come up with something… Virtual Video Production.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1: Kick-Off Call

We start by hopping on zoom to talk through all the things… what you’re hoping to create, what you want it to do for you, what tools you currently have available, and what (inexpensive) equipment might help in addition to what you have.

Step 2: Shoot Prep

Next you order all the gear you need, and begin prepping content for the actual shoot. We’re happy to help with this part if we can! (Turns out my Masters in Curriculum & Instruction is actually coming in handing lately…)

Step 3: Shoot Day!

We’ll hop on Zoom/FaceTime with you again on shoot day to help you pick the right spot to film, set up the camera/cameras and lighting, get your audio right, and then you can start filming!

Step 4: Deliver Footage

Once you wrap shooting you’ll deliver all the files (video and audio) to us via either Dropbox or Google Drive. We’ll do the hard work of organizing, syncing, and backing up before we dive into editing.

Step 5: BDLB Works Their Editing Magic

We’ll then get to work editing, taking your content and making it even more polished. This can be editing the actual content (cleaning it up, making it shorter/more efficient if needed), dividing into bite sized chunks to make it more digestible for your audience, all the way to color and audio correction to make sure it looks as good as possible. Last we’ll add any finishing touches, like branded logos, text, titles and music.

Step 6: Put It To Work!

Once we deliver the final videos to you, it’s time to put them to work for your business. We’re happy to help with selecting the best platforms, adding closed captioning, and best ways to promote/boost your posts to get more eyes on them!


Wanna see an example?  Here ya go!

Anthem Film for Spruce Creative Studio

Course/Community Film for Kate Bowler

Just drop us an email if you’re interested in trying out some Virtual Video Production for your business or organization. We’re excited to offer a free consult, and first video free for anyone who wants to see how it could work for them!