Instabrand + Social Media

In November of 2017 we launched our Instabrand Films. It came from a realization that our signature brand films (what we call a Brand Story Film), wasn’t a perfect fit for smaller, newer businesses, often with only 1 employee.

SO, we created a film just for them. We took away all the frills, cut back on the shooting time, and made a shorter version of the film (60-90 seconds). This also allowed us to cut back significantly on the investment, making it more attainable for a new business who can benefit the most. Let’s take a look side by side…

Social Media Films

Regardless of whether you invest in a Brand Story Film or an Instabrand, you always have the option of adding on ‘Social Media Films’. We find that when we’re sitting you down for an interview we live with way more good content than we can use in a short 60 second-3 minute film. Yet what is left behind on the editing room floor is often good content; just not the right content for your brand film. So a couple years ago we started creating add-on films that are short and pulled directly from your interview (or interviews with your employees/clients. It helps you get the most bang for your buck when you’re already taking the time to capture you business on film. Don’t believe me? Here’s what one of our clients had to say about it…

But enough from me. Time to see an example! Below I’m sharing with you an Instabrand Film we made for Early Bird Photo last year, and then two examples of social media films we made from interview content that didn’t make the final film.