BDLB Travel: AirBNB

For those of you following along on social media, you likely already know that last fall/winter was full of travel. The mountains of North Carolina, the Czech Republic, Japan, and back to the mountains. I LOVE traveling, so much so that I had to institute a travel ban for this winter to catch back up on life. Yet I still somehow found myself booking trips to Key Largo (for a retreat), Scottsdale (for a wedding) and Maine (for family)…

And after a month full of travel I looked back and realized how much of that travel was impacted by AirBNB. I’ve been a host for a little over three years now, both a room in my house here in Durham and the Cozy Cabin out west in Boone, but I also use it every time I travel. I can’t remember the last time I stayed at a proper hotel, and their recent addition of ‘Experiences‘ has certainly added some cool adventures to my last couple of trips.

So earlier this month we decided to create what we call an anthem film sharing my personal experiences with AirBNB as both a host and traveler. To be clear, we were not paid by AirBNB to do this, I just love the brand and my experiences with it so much we decided to turn it into a passion project. Hope you enjoy!