Adventure Boudoir




Before Krista (the photographer behind ShutterGoesClick) talked to me about creating a brand film for her new endeavor, she first asked me to model for her as she was working on building out the concept. I love creative adventures with creative friends so my quick answer was yes. Little did I know at the time that it would involve wading neck deep into a swamp in the middle of a summer storm… if you follow us on IG you know what I’m talking about. Turns out it was 100% worth it.

I tell you this to give some additional context when I talk about Vivify, the new adventure boudoir photo session that Krista is launching for both individuals and groups of women, as I’ve now not only witnessed it from the outside but had the chance to experience it myself. Here’s what I found most notable.

It’s about US and not THEM.

Traditionally boudoir photography has often been something for engaged or married women, and something they have had done as a gift for their fiance/partner.

In recent years lots of photographers have been playing around with how to make boudoir more accessible and acceptable for all women; engaged, married and single. Not only is this a smart business move (your target market and potential client base suddenly gets a lotttt bigger), but it’s also a smart move considering the feminist climate in our country right now. The post-third wave feminist movement is all about our ability to recalibrate expectations and navigate our lives (both personal and professional) on our own terms.  Boudoir for all women is just one more way to do this.

And in my mind, perhaps the largest benefit of rethinking boudoir and who it’s for is that it now feels like you’re not producing images just for someone else to appreciate. You’re creating images that are for YOU to appreciate.

It can be done in groups.

Typically boudoir photography is just the subject and the photographer. This makes sense, especially with a more intimate kind of photography like boudoir, but perhaps is a missed opportunity.

When filming the Vivify brand film I watched what it was like for a group of women to engage in boudoir together.  I was immediately struck by how much fun everyone was having, from the beginning of the session where they were drinking wine and getting ready together, to the end of the session where they were celebrating and reflecting on the experience. Boudoir can be intimidating, and definitely a little nerve wracking, but it seemed to suddenly become a lot more approachable when combined with several other women navigating their nerves right alongside you.

I was also inspired by how instinctively supportive the women were of each other. The minute the camera came out it was all compliments and encouragement, and I can’t help but imagine this also helped them all feel both more comfortable and more confident in front of the camera.

“The session became less about taking pictures and more about loving myself and being excited to step into something new which came through in the photos tenfold. I came away wanting to do it again and again with all of the women I cherish.”

I can totally picture this being an incredible birthday gift for a girlfriend, or a unique experience for a bachelorette party that is not only fun, but also leaves you with souvenirs to remember it by.

It’s outside!

I can’t speak for everyone with this one, but for me in particular this was a huge perk. The thought of posing in lingerie in a bedroom is enough to make me crawl into a corner, cover myself in a down comforter and stay there until the camera is long gone. But put me outside in a river in the woods with a flower crown? NOW we’re talking.

There’s something about this setting that feels infinitely more empowering, and less objectifying. It doesn’t feel associated with traditional advertising or the media’s image what it means to be sexy, but instead more natural and goddess-inspired, meant to empower women.

Now, for the beautiful images Krista created from both the sessions I got to be a part of!